Cold Calling and Prospecting

Any seasoned sales person will tell you that getting more leads into the sales funnel is the lifeblood of selling.  This training course teaches effective prospecting techniques such as cold calling, networking, social networking, site visits, and asking for referrals.

cold calling

Personality Profile Training

Understanding the dominant personality style of prospects and customers is one of the most important tools for successful sales people.  In this course, attendees will learn how to recognize different personality profiles and successful approaches to influence them.  We teach both the DiSC assessment system and the DOPE Bird Types system.

Finding Pain Points and Engagement

One of the most effective sales strategies is to find and exploit pain points of a prospect.  This technique is rolled into a step-by-step approach to engaging a prospect that includes breaking the ice, building rapport, creating a buying atmosphere, finding pain points, and presenting solutions.


Follow Up and Closing

The final phases of the sales cycle are the follow up and closing.  A crucial part of this phase is asking for the sale.  The course covers different approaches, techniques, and having the right attitude to closing a sale.

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