Our motto is getting the right message, in front of the right person, at the time. Google advertising (Google Ads) is a powerful tool to accomplishing this goal. The reason Google Ads are so effective is they are based on customer intent. People see the ads when they are searching for products or services on Google. They have intent to buy or do research with the intent to buy at a later time. These ads are called pay-per-click (PPC) ads and they show at the top or bottom of the search results. Most business owners are familiar with PPC ads and how they can drive traffic to the company website. But what if the new visitor doesn’t buy on the first visit? How can a business keep its message in front of website visitors after they leave? The answer is Google remarketing ads.

The Google Display Network has over 2 million websites that show Google Display ads. The network includes some of the highest traffic websites on the internet. Display ads are graphic (instead of PPC text) ads that can contain video and photos.

Remarketing is an advertising strategy utilizing Google Display Ads to show ads to a business’ website visitors as they visit other sites on the internet. This strategy keeps advertising to visitors for days or weeks after a website visit, keeping the business at “top of mind”, and encouraging a revisit.

Why does this strategy work? There is a cardinal rule in marketing called the “Seven Times Factor”, which says as a general rule, that a potential customer must see an ad at least seven times before they buy. If a person visits a website, then they are showing interest (or intent). So by continue to show ads increases the odds of a return visit and a purchase. This approach is a much more targeted by spending advertising dollars on people that have already shown interest.

Google Display Ads can also be used to target consumers outside of website visitors. This is done by creating audiences inside of Google Ads. These audiences can include people that have similar internet viewing traits as website visitors or Google allows advertisers to create audiences by interests, demographics, geography, etc. Unlike PPC ads, display ads are pay per thousand impressions similar to other forms of advertisement and very inexpensive.

How to create remarketing ads:

  • Create a Google Ad account
  • Follow the procedure for remarketing ads
  • Google will ask to ad a “tracking code snippet” into the header page of the website
  • Once there are at least a thousand website visitors after the snippet is inserted, Google will automatically create an audience called “website visitors”.
  • Create a new display ad campaign using text, photos, graphics, and video that targets the “website visitors” audience.

If you use Google Analytics to track website activity, it can be linked to Google Ads to help track visitors from the ad campaign. If you need help setting up and running a remarketing campaign, let us know.